Monday, 11 May 2015

Dereku Burger

Derek, the Great Papa of Estonian street food scene and most likely the only one who's fame deservedly has spread to all corners of the country, and (on a regular basis) to the pages of mainstream mass media.
Derek (who's born in Canada, in case you didn't know) started out on the mean streets of Kuressaare, serving burgers all through the night to the drunk and hungry party goers. Local legend tells us about the local alcoholics who were mightily impressed by Derek's burger, since its nutritional value allowed them to skip breakfast altogether and commence with drinking right away in the morning!
Back then there was only one burger on the menu, namely Dereku Originaal, which is still on the menu today, only nowadays the menu has expanded to no less than 10 burgers, including the Trout/Caviar burger, surely the most exclusive burger available anywhere in this country!
Of course these days Dereku Burger joint is no longer a simple table, but a cozy semi-cellar type establishment right in the beating heart of Old Tallinn, complete with an open air terrace on the roof!
Not only are Derek's burgers excellent, his take on burgers is also original and clearly his own distinct recipes, containing such superb ingredients as free range Estonian beef (from farms in Saaremaa and Raplamaa), in-house blended spice mixes, locally bred trout etc. Also worth mentioning are the rather reasonable prices, for example for extra 2 Euros you can have an additional patty, which makes the burger positively humongous, while still being cheaper than comparable burgers at some other burger establishments in Tallinn.
And then there is Pihtla beer. This legendary brew hails from Saaremaa and it predates the current hipster craft beer craze by many years, having its roots firmly in the age old Estonian tradition of brewing beer at home. Try it, its tasty and dangerous.

All in all, Dereku Burger is most certainly one of the very best street food joints in Tallinn, so it goes without saying that we definitely recommend it wholeheartedly!

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That's the place!

Nice door!

A terrace on the roof? Cozy!

Check the Menu!

Fleur (Derek's better half) is happy to feed you

There is more than just burgers!

A bum with a plastic bag can't believe his luck!  (Ok, thats actually Derek himself..)

Dereku Originaal burger 

Mmm, tasty. Pihtla beer at the background

 Ooh, massive!

The vegetarians don't have to go hungry either, a veggie burger with lots of beet!

Harley Davidson burger