Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Lugupeetud lugejad.
Käesolev arvustus/tutvustus on ainult inglise keeles, kuna iga endast lugupidav Eestlane peaks tundma nii klassikalist Eesti Burksi, kui ka sellist toitlustusinstitutsiooni nagu Räägupesa.

Back to the 90's

For many locals these burgers are a trip down the memory line, as back during the infamous "Kiosk Era" this type of burger was just about the only type available. Räägupesa (Nõmme tee 53) is also one of the few places that has been continuously in business since 199-something and still serves their classics proudly to this day.

24h Food Mecca:

Räägupesa Burger, the venerable classic:

There is a meat patty somewhere down there, trust me. Yes, you get a fork, although a spoon seems even more appropriate.
I have often wondered where this curious custom of absolutely DROWNING the burger in sauce and vague cabbage mix was started. I mean, who thought that this is what people want.. or need? Back in the 80's, during the Soviet era this custom was definitely not yet around.. even burgers were not around and ketchup (a rare import from Hungary) was hardly ever found on the shelves of a shop. To get your hands on a few bottles required friends in the right places (like my parents had a friend in the buffet of the communist party headquarters), so drowning your food in it was out of the question. I have asked around, but nobody seems to remember their first encounter with the sauce monster..

Now back to this particular Räägupesa Burger. 
Is it good? This time i will not tell you, go try it yourself.
Let's just say it is an unforgettable experience.
For the fainthearted there is a far more conventional Grillburger available, as is Chicken Kebab, French Fries and some other stuff. Many people like them, but none of those has the heritage of the true Räägupesa Burger.


Fries. Same sauce, same cabbage:

Go there, seriously.