Monday, 23 May 2016

A few thoughts about Kalamaja Days 2016


We heard the speaker on the stage thanking the sponsors: a bank, a few real estate companies..
Some would say a development like this is inevitable.
We would say a development like this will lead to the early demise of Kalamaja Days.

What's up with all the burgers? Seriously people, WTF is up with all the burgers? Don't you have any imagination? Pretty please, with brown sugar on top, make something else. Really.

How many people sold 1 EUR waffles? ONE EURO waffles with no filling whatsoever?! Apparently a waffle press is a money press. Absurd.

One sliced potato on a stick? For how much? What is this, a country fair for the mentally retarded?

The falafel of Elujanu was excellent. Fresh and lovely. Always glad to see them.

Wine-bar TIKS had a tap outside.. with Leffe in it. Very nice!

Later we got some more beers from Rimi.

In a courtyard in Kopli street we found some curry. Seemed like a perfect addition to the fumes present in the belly from Saturday night! Alas, it was not to be. SlapSlop (who we have seen before selling home-made kimchi and  gazpacho) seem to have nicked the idea of curries from the established old-timers Karriklubi, only to fail quite miserably. A "curry" like this is OK from a regular working day lunch place for 3 EUR, but not for 6 EUR (or was it even 7?) that we paid for it. No basmati or jasmine rice, just the most regular kind, a few small pieces of chicken, the only noticeable spices being chilly and coriander. Boo.

In the same courtyard we found Hää Kraam ice cream. The caramel and salt flavoured one was absolutely superb, probably one of the very best ice creams we have eaten in the last year or so. The raspberry flavoured one was a lot less interesting. Still decent though.

Õunavabrik had some pretty damn good chokeberry wine.

Köie 1b courtyard had some fabulous coffee that came with a free plastic clip. To close the coffee bag, although we can think of a few more uses.

Two lovely ladies (LADIES!!) had set up their tables in the courtyard of the (now long defunct) Art Depoo. The kilu sandwiches and salmon pastries were all rather good but the unquestionable pièce de résistance was the Muffuletta: a Italian - New Orleanian (is that a word?) sandwich containing loads of olive salad, ham, mozzarella and other goodies. And that all for only 2 Euro, which when compared to the simplistic cr*p we encountered on the previous day was an absolute bargain! Ladies, please return the next year!

TOPS had beer.